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18September 2020

Weekly Market Update – 18th September 2020

September 18th, 2020|Market Update|

Investment markets and key developments over the past week Share markets mostly rose slightly over the last week after two weeks of falls helped by reasonable economic data, anticipation of Fed dovishness, positive vaccine news and M&A activity. However, some of the gains were given up later in the week as tech stocks came under renewed pressure and the Fed did less than some had hoped. Despite the volatility Australian shares also managed a small gain over the week after two weeks of falls with strong [...]

18September 2020

A FinSec View #17

September 18th, 2020|The FinSec View|

Issue: Friday 18 September 2020 'The Show Must Go On' ... As residents of #10 Greenhill Road, the middle of September represents show week and our cue to escape as a team for our annual business planning. This year (the first time in 100 years of The Royal Adelaide) the Ferris wheel did not turn, the show bags were regulated to supermarket shelves, and the silence (as a business, it is a noise we often begrudge) was deafening in its absence. But.. the show must [...]

11September 2020

Weekly Market Update – 11th September 2020

September 11th, 2020|Market Update|

Investment markets and key developments over the past week The equity market correction that started last week, driven by falls in tech stocks, has continued, and has now broadened out to other sectors. US shares are down by 2.6% and the tech-heavy NASDAQ is down by a larger 4% over the week. But, all sectors in the S&P500 fell over the week and energy was down heavily as the oil price fell to $37/tonne, from $42 earlier this month. The US share correction has seen the [...]

4September 2020

Weekly Market Update – 4th September 2020

September 4th, 2020|Market Update|

Investment markets and key developments over the past week US shares hit another record high mid-week only to be reversed by the end of the week because of a big fall in tech shares, which have been driving the rebound in US equities since the March lows. The US S&P is down by 1.5% over the week, with the tech sector (which has the biggest weight in the index) down 2.8%, consumer discretionary (which includes Amazon) is down 1.1%, health care and energy also lagged [...]

4September 2020

A Finsec View #16

September 4th, 2020|The FinSec View|

Issue: Friday 04 September 2020 Australia Enters Recession Australia is officially in recession for the first time since 1991 after posting a 7% fall in GDP for the June quarter. The 'official' definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative growth, and the June contraction follows a 0.3% decline in the March quarter, bringing a remarkable run to an end. However, the data release revealed some bright spots. The national savings rate rose to 20% from 6% and companies had a record quarter, [...]

28August 2020

Weekly Market Update – 28th August 2020

August 28th, 2020|Market Update|

Investment markets and key developments over the past week Global share markets rose over the past week helped by continuing signs of economic recovery, positive coronavirus vaccine and treatment news and anticipation of the Fed's shift to inflation average targeting. Australian shares fell slightly though over the past week reflecting poor earnings results with weakness in utilities, energy, health, telco and material shares. Bond yields rose helped by the Fed's more dovish approach to inflation targeting. The iron ore price fell slightly, but metal and oil [...]

21August 2020

The FinSec View #15

August 21st, 2020|The FinSec View|

US Equities Defy Gravity The S&P500 and the Nasdaq both hit all time highs this week. A capitulation can occur at extremes in markets, where the rally becomes so strong that even the doubters get FOMO and want in on the action. Right now, we can see these pockets of euphoric sentiment emerging and caution that if such optimism continues, equity markets will become overbought. The danger here is that when risk-on assets reach this level, they can exhibit a disproportionate reaction to negative news [...]

21August 2020

Weekly Market Update – 21st August 2020

August 21st, 2020|Market Update|

Investment markets and key developments over the past week Major global share markets, with the exception of Chinese shares, rose over the last week as US new coronavirus cases trended down and on optimism regarding a vaccine and the economic outlook, with the US share market briefly surpassing its February closing high. The positive global lead along with a fall in new Victorian cases saw Australian shares rise to the top end of the range they've been in since June with strong gains in consumer staple, [...]

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