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3April 2020

Coronavirus Update #5

April 3rd, 2020|Economy|

The world just passed 1 million COVID-19 infections (Thursday). Tragically 53,000 people have now died, but, more than 208,000 have recovered. The pandemic (declared as such on March 11 by the World Health Organisation) has spread to 181 countries and at least one-third of the world is now under some type of lockdown. In this article 'a complete timeline of the coronavirus pandemic' (click here), Business Insider depicts the most significand events and moments that have defined the pandemic thus far. It is hard to [...]

3April 2020

Weekly Market Update – 3rd April 2020

April 3rd, 2020|Weekly Market Update|

Investment markets and key developments over the past week Coronavirus concerns continued to create volatility in investment markets over the past week, but the good news is that it remains both up and down volatility on a day to day basis as opposed to straight down as was the case up until a couple of weeks ago. US, European and Japanese shares gave up some of their gains from the previous week, but Chinese and Australian shares rose, with the Australian share market playing a bit [...]

27March 2020

Weekly Market Update – 27th March 2020

March 27th, 2020|Weekly Market Update|

Investment markets and key developments over the past week After 30% plus falls from their highs earlier this year, share markets had a welcome rebound over the last week. While the number of coronavirus cases continues to soar and economic data beyond China is now starting to show the huge impact from the shutdowns, share markets managed to rebound because a lot of bad news had already been factored in and a government and central bank stimulus measures are now reaching a critical mass in terms [...]

27March 2020

Coronavirus Update #4

March 27th, 2020|Economy|

It has been five weeks that has changed the world. Whilst we cannot influence the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak nor manage the market's reaction to it, we can keep you well-informed about what is happening in the economy and the markets and what it means for you. Our team are working hard to analyse events and help guide you to the best possible outcomes. This is a summary of the week that was. Markets Our Observations Fear of the coronavirus' impact on global [...]

26March 2020

Federal Government Stimulus

March 26th, 2020|Economy|

The Australian government has announced another round of economic stimulus to try and mitigate the economic slowdown caused by efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In this article we provide clarity with regard to the announcements relevant to the services we provide. Changes To Account Based Pension Withdrawal Requirements Currently, pensioners are required to withdraw a minimum percentage of their portfolio each year as a pension payment. The government has announced they will halve the withdrawal requirements for the 19/20 and 20/21 financial [...]

21March 2020

‘Wealth’ is income-generating capacity not share prices

March 21st, 2020|Economy|

The following is a note penned by our esteemed friends and allies in NSW, Stanford Brown Financial Advisers. It is well written, insightful but most importantly aligns with our own view and approach. ‘Wealth’ is income-generating capacity not share prices. Since share prices peaked on 20th February, the broad Australian share market has fallen by -35%, US is down -30%, and European markets are down by an average of -40%. The S&P500 index in the US is back to where it was in late December [...]

20March 2020

Weekly Market Update – 20th March 2020

March 20th, 2020|Weekly Market Update|

Investment markets and key developments over the past week Share markets remained under pressure over the last week as the number of coronavirus cases continued to surge, economic data started to weaken sharply and financial markets saw increasing dysfunction. The latter was highlighted by a blow out in corporate borrowing rates and a surge in government bond yields (as fund managers facing redemptions sold their liquid previously strong positions and there has been a rush into cash) and increasing difficulty in accessing money market funding. At [...]

13March 2020

Coronavirus Update #3

March 13th, 2020|Economy|

U.S. President Donald Trump's national address from the Oval Office last night was intended to calm the public and investors. Regarding the latter, it appears to have fallen short of the mark. Why? The announcement of new U.S. restrictions on travel to and from Europe for 30 days is likely to act as a further drag on the fundamentals for airlines and other related travel industries. In addition, the offsetting stimulus measures that were announced such as loans to small businesses either lacked the specificity [...]