The business of YOU Inc – September 2019, SA Leaders Presentation

In this video presentation, Managing Partner and SA Leaders 'Industry Expert' Andrew Creaser explores the concept of 'planning for success' with a broader goals-based approach to investment, risk and estate planning strategies.

Morrison in the Middle: Changes to Age Pension Eligibility

Nothing has highlighted the unintended consequences of tinkering with retirement income more than last month’s federal budget. The fiscally and politically potent combination of age pensions and superannuation is always complex, however this budget has left many financial analysts scratching their heads. The proposed changes to the Age Pension eligibility criteria, put forward by Minister for Social Services Scott Morrison, will have major ramifications for retirees who had carefully planned for their financial future. While the tighter rules are designed to [...]

2015-06-18T04:47:55+09:30June 17th, 2015|Aged Care, Estate Planning, Federal Budget, FinSec Post|


Ten years ago Mattt and Tom set up in business together selling high level technical advice to the   physics departments of universities. The business operates via a company in which Matt and Tom each hold equal numbers of shares and is very successful. Both Matt and Tom make significant amounts of money from the business. Matt uses most of his share to fund his hobby, research into the abstruse aspects of nuclear physics while Tom has more conventional investments. Tom [...]

2014-05-01T04:19:37+09:30July 5th, 2013|Estate Planning, FinSec Post|
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