When it comes to franking credits, all public funds are not the same

Many SMSF trustees who may lose their franking credit refunds under Labor’s proposed policy are considering transferring to a large retail or even industry fund. It has become a common assumption that such a fund will give retirees access to franking credit refunds. For example, Robert Gottliebsen writing in The Australian last weekend said: “But the ALP plan is that if you save via an industry super fund or a large retail fund, then you can receive your cash franking in full.” This [...]

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What you need to know in the lead up to the Federal election

With the 2019 Budget week having concluded following the formal delivery of the 2019/20 Federal Budget by the Treasurer on 2 April 2019, and the Opposition response on 4 April 2019, it’s now “game on” in terms of policy positions as the electorate starts to consider where they will cast their vote in the upcoming election. For some voters, the decision on where they cast their vote will be influenced by where the future elected Government will focus their spending. In [...]

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Labor’s franking policy is a ticking bomb for all super funds

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) proposal to limit cash refunds of franking credits will clearly impact many pension phase SMSFs, but we believe it also has the potential to impact many other superannuation funds. In this paper, we build a model of the key variables which determine whether a superannuation fund is likely to lose refunds of net franking credits under the ALP proposal. Our model is consistent with and helps explain an article in The Australian which reported that $309 million in [...]

Active Investment Success Relies on Finding a Top Personal “Trainer” to do the Heavy Lifting

A mate recently cancelled his gym membership at a popular city health club, citing lack of motivation, high monthly fees and a general malaise about “just not getting results’’. Out of interest, I asked him what his training regime looked like. A brisk walk on the treadmill, he confessed, followed by a quick sauna and an obligatory large iced-coffee (with cream and ice-cream) in the club lounge afterwards. Those stubborn kilos are still hanging on for dear life. Comparisons can be [...]

SMSFs gear up for advice

Advised self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustees are more confident about achieving their desired retirement income than non-trustees, according to research commissioned by nabtrade and the SMSF Association. The research says about 53% of SMSF trustees are more likely to be receiving financial advice than non-trustees (about 30%). Illustrating the value of financial advice, about 72% of advised trustees are confident of being on track to achieve their desired retirement income as opposed to 66% of non-trustees. According to the Intimate with [...]

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SPAA Changes It’s Name

It is no secret that the SMSF sector is evolving at an ever increasing pace, SMSF is now the largest super sector in terms of asset size, boast around one million trustees and the breadth of it's professional membership is growing exponentially. Today the professional body tasked with leading the SMSF sector has changed it's name from SMSF Professionals' Association of Australia Limited (SPAA), to the SMSF Association, in a move thought to better reflect the growing growing sector and vibrancy [...]

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Number of SMSF members tops one million

It’s official. The numbers of SMSF members has now topped one million, according to the Australian Taxation Office’s March 2014 SMSF statistical report. The report shows the number of SMSF members at 1,006,975 – a net gain of 11,384 compared with the 31 December 2013 figure of 995,591. Over the past four years the number of members has increased 26.6% from 795,563 at 31 March 2010. Over the same three-month period to 31 March 2014, the net establishment of SMSFs was [...]

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Is a SMSF for you?

Self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are the buzz-word of the Australian Financial landscape in 2013. Suddenly, everyone wants one or wants to work out if SMSF's are applicable to their specific situation. SMSFs hold 31.2% of all superannuation assets and are growing in number at the rate of 7%pa.  Research indicates that 1.4 million people are considering establishing their own SMSF in the next three years.  Are you also one in that million? Finsec Partners have been specialising in providing high-level strategic professional SMSF [...]

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