A Finsec View – What to make of the market sell-off, SMSF BDBN ruling, Outcome bias and more

17th June 2022 As no doubt you will be aware, there have been significant declines on the US share markets over the last week and again last night, leading to substantial declines on the ASX. The US market index (S&P500) is now down -23.5% so far this year, and the NASDAQ is down more than 30%, meaning they are now in a bear market, customarily defined as a drop of 20% or more. At the time of writing, the [...]

2022-06-20T09:43:41+09:30June 17th, 2022|The FinSec View|

A Finsec View – Recession fears, ASX 300, Timeless advice and more

3rd June 2022 Those tasked with running the world's economies right now are having quite a time of it. Inflation, interest rates, property markets, unemployment, war, and lockdowns are indeed quite a line-up! Gaining clarity and a sage perspective on the topic(s) is not always easy to come by, which is why we jumped at a recent invitation to sit in on Westpac Chief Economist Bill Evans's latest economic update. Whilst there is not the time to distil his [...]

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