The FinSec Commitment.

At Finsec Partners we are committed to our partnership with you.

We are owned and run by the people in this office. We make our own commercial decisions including the choice to operate as a self licensed business.

Our access to technical specialists and a broad range of researched products allows us to provide you with a tailored strategy. We always recommend what is appropriate for you and your circumstances. At no time are we required to recommend or align ourselves with particular products.

We want you to live the life you aspire to, so we will always put your interests first. We promise to take the time to get to know you, and will always make experienced, informed and responsive people available to facilitate and encourage you on this journey.

We are committed to continuous self-improvement and learning and will only ever provide advice in areas where we are qualified to do so. Our business operates in a highly regulated environment and we welcome regular audits to demonstrate the due care we give to our clients.

We will disclose all fees and other forms of remuneration so that they are easily understandable. We are confident that our fees are fair and appropriate relative to the lifetime value we can demonstrate.