van Eyk Update

As a client of FinSec you will no doubt be aware of our beliefs around ‘open architecture’ particularly when it comes to product advice. In short; ‘for a recommendation to be in your best interest it must be chosen from a broad and comprehensive product list based on independent research’. In Australia third party (independent) research is maintained and provided via five large research houses. Recently there has been a lot of press surrounding one of these houses, van Eyk. Mid [...]

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Changing Borders

The whole world is watching the crisis in Crimea, and Russia faces off with the USA and European superpowers. The dispute centers around which country the territory should belong to, and it may seem shocking in today’s modern era, but the borders of Europe have never been solid. In this time-lapse video, you can see how 1000 years of European history plays havoc on the stability of the border we take for granted today.

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