Director IDs: What directors need to know

Key takeouts Australia’s Director identification Number (DIN) regime came into effect on 1 November 2021, requiring all Australian directors (under the corporations Act and including corporate trustees of self managed super funds) to register for an identification number. Those appointed as a director between 1 November 2021 and 4 April 2022 will need to apply for a Director ID within 28 days of their appointment. The deadlines by which all other eligible directors will need to have a Director [...]

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SA Leaders – The Long View – March 2021

Looking through a 'where to from here' lens, FinSec Partners' Andrew Creaser unpacks what is fuelling the extraordinary behaviour of equity markets and the principal investment and economic factors at play. Themes include: Inflation fears and how they impact share and bond markets When will the Fed and RBA hike rates? The GameStop short squeeze – what really went on? A new ‘safe haven’ currency or vapour? Emerging markets and Asia - Long-term trends - Alternatives

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Dear clients and friends, The swiftness of this lockdown has no doubt, caught us all by surprise. We recognise the importance of being available for you regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in however, logistically this becomes difficult under the restrictions announced today. Please be advised that from 5 pm, Wednesday 18 November (and until further notice) our office number will be diverted to a team member's mobile. This will restrict the ability to answer calls simultaneously and we request your patience accordingly. Should you need to contact your FinSec adviser as a matter of urgency please email them directly. A list of Adviser emails can be accessed by clicking [...]

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van Eyk Update

As a client of FinSec you will no doubt be aware of our beliefs around ‘open architecture’ particularly when it comes to product advice. In short; ‘for a recommendation to be in your best interest it must be chosen from a broad and comprehensive product list based on independent research’. In Australia third party (independent) research is maintained and provided via five large research houses. Recently there has been a lot of press surrounding one of these houses, van Eyk. Mid [...]

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Changing Borders

The whole world is watching the crisis in Crimea, and Russia faces off with the USA and European superpowers. The dispute centers around which country the territory should belong to, and it may seem shocking in today’s modern era, but the borders of Europe have never been solid. In this time-lapse video, you can see how 1000 years of European history plays havoc on the stability of the border we take for granted today.

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