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The business of YOU Inc – September 2019, SA Leaders Presentation

In this presentation, Managing Partner and SA Leaders 'Industry Expert' Andrew Creaser explores the concept of 'planning for success' with a broader goals-based approach to investment, risk and estate planning strategies.

Knowing what it takes!

Want to know the secret to creating wealth? The answer is get rich slow! Probably not the answer you were looking for but it is the only guaranteed formula for success. In this (yet another) nugget of Simon Sinek gold, Sinek uses logic to explain why this is a proven formula in so many aspects of business and life. In his words "there's no single big event, there's no one thing I can tell you to do it is an accumulation of [...]

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Superannuation needs to modernise.

How did Australia, which rightly prides itself on having one of the most stable and resilient economies in the world, end up cleaning up the messy and damaging aftermath of a savage Royal Commission into our financial sector? Financial services is – and has been for some years – the largest sector in our economy, bigger than mining, bigger than agriculture. We are a nation of suits, not hard hats and Akubras. The exponential growth of our massive financial services sector [...]

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Haynes Royal Commission: The trouble started decades ago…

The profitability of Australia’s Finance industry - dominated by our big banks - has trended down over recent decades.  The return on shareholder funds peaked in the early 1990s after the recession of 1991 and the crash of several banks. The big players could see non-bank finance sectors growing much faster than banking revenues, and the exhibit below shows their concern eventuated.  These days, banking accounts for less than a quarter of the industry’s total revenue of over $700 billion.   [...]

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Good People Doing Bad Things – How Did We End Up Here?

It is a story that has made news headlines the world over. A story about culture and greed impairing the judgement of people who should have known better. While both sides of politics have been very vocal in the wake of Hayne’s interim report, no one has touched the vexed question of how did we end up here?   The impact on the victims has been devastating. The behaviour of the financial services community despicable and unforgivable. The viewing has been [...]

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There’s No Crystal Ball and that’s OK

When the history books are written, they leave out the bits that didn’t matter and line up in orderly rows what is now seen as significant, even if it was overlooked at the time. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s clear what was and what was not important. In real time, of course, it is far harder to see what is going on. I am enjoying a podcast series at the moment on Watergate, which for obvious reasons is resonant today. [...]

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Tread Lightly, Collaboratively Post Banking Royal Commission

Reverberations will continue to be felt across the mahogany boardrooms and expansive top-floor executives suites of Australia’s admonished banking and financial services giants, as the royal commission claims more scalps while others jump the proverbial ship. The revelations exposed by the royal commission have been nothing short of appalling. As members of the profession – and as people who are proud to call themselves financial advisers – We find it jarring and disappointing that these are the circumstances in which the [...]

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Bitcoin and The Basics Of Cryptocurrencies

Three years ago Bitcoin was $250AUD. With a 10,000% increase in price since then, it is starting to generate significant buzz with the everyday investor, as is the underlying technology driving it, “blockchain”. But what are digital currencies and should you be investing in them? We asked renowned technologist and futurist, Mark Pesce to take us on the bitcoin / blockchain journey. “Never invest in a business you don’t understand.” A simple bit of advice from the Sage of Omaha, Warren [...]

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Yes, Virginia, There is a Banking Royal Commission – Unfortunately

In a matter of days, Santa will be putting the finishing touches on his “Naughty” and “Nice” lists and it remains unclear on which side of the ledger the banks will sit. It’s an understatement, of course, to suggest the big four (CBA, Westpac, ANZ and NAB) won’t be expecting an outpouring of festive cheer and goodwill from their 17+ million customers this year. Despite holding around 2.5 trillion of our money, collectively – (and 80% of the nation’s loans) - [...]

Bitcoin: the very definition of a bubble

Legend has it that Joe Kennedy, father of former President John F Kennedy, avoided the stock market crash of 1929 by selling his entire portfolio just days before prices collapsed. He did this, the story goes, after receiving a share tip from a shoeshine boy. When taxi drivers, lift attendants and young lads on the sidewalk are speculating in stocks, he concluded, “the market is too popular for its own good”. The stock market is riding high today but I’d be [...]

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