Knowing what it takes!

Want to know the secret to creating wealth? The answer is get rich slow! Probably not the answer you were looking for but it is the only guaranteed formula for success. In this (yet another) nugget of Simon Sinek gold, Sinek uses logic to explain why this is a proven formula in so many aspects of business and life. In his words "there's no single big event, there's no one thing I can tell you to do it is an accumulation of [...]

Active Investment Success Relies on Finding a Top Personal “Trainer” to do the Heavy Lifting

A mate recently cancelled his gym membership at a popular city health club, citing lack of motivation, high monthly fees and a general malaise about “just not getting results’’. Out of interest, I asked him what his training regime looked like. A brisk walk on the treadmill, he confessed, followed by a quick sauna and an obligatory large iced-coffee (with cream and ice-cream) in the club lounge afterwards. Those stubborn kilos are still hanging on for dear life. Comparisons can be [...]

Weekly Market Update – 28th April 2017

Investment markets and key developments over the past week The past week saw 'risk on' following the outcome of the first round of the French election and in anticipation of President Trump's tax plan. Mostly good economic and earnings news helped too. This saw US shares up 1.5%, Eurozone shares up 3.4%, Japanese shares rise 3.1% and Australian shares gain 1.8%, but Chinese shares dipped 0.8% on news of tighter financial regulation. Reflecting the risk-on tone, bond yields rose in core [...]

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