In the last couple of years the rules around transferring UK pensions to Australia have changed significantly. These changes have added a layer of complexity and many migrants and returning expats remain confused with regard to what pensions can and can not be transferred. In this post we outline the current eligibility criteria, for more information on UK Pension transfers visit

  • Under current rules you must be aged 55 years or over to transfer UK pensions as a lump sum to Australia.
  • If you have a funded Civil Service/Public Sector Pensions that is eligible for transfer (for example: Local Government Pension Schemes and Universities Super Schemes (USS)) you must complete the transfer before turning 60 years old. From time to time transfers can be subject to UK administrative complexities, to this end we advise commencing the transfer process at least 6 – 9mths prior to your 60th birthday.

Please Note: UK State Pensions (Old Age Pensions – from your National Insurance contributions) CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED as a lump sum (i.e. are not eligible for transfer) – here is a link to find your State Pension Information.

Company Pension Funds  Eligible only if pension payments have not yet commenced.
A Company Pension Scheme (otherwise known as a Workplace or Occupational Pension) is a pension that is set up by your employer to provide retirement benefits to you while you are employed by them.
Personal Pension Plans  Often eligible only if pension payments have not yet commenced.
A personal pension is usually arranged by yourself, not your employer, and is a type of money purchase plan.
Funded Civil Service Pensions Eligible only if pension payments have not yet commenced.
Funded Civil service Pensions include;

  • USS (Universities Superannuation Scheme)
  • LGPS (Local Government Pension Schemes)
Flexi Draw Down Pensions The majority of draw down pensions are eligible for transfer even if pension payments have already commenced.
All Government State Pensions A British State Pension is also know as a Government Pension or Old Age Pension. Your entitlement to this pension accumulates during your lifetime and is paid by the UK Government when you reach state pension age, which depends on your date of birth.A state pension value is based on the number of years of National Insurance (NI) contributions made throughout a person’s working life. You have to have at least 35 qualifying years’ worth of NI contributions to qualify for a full State Pension.

*All government state pensions are not eligible for transfer to Australia.

A Fund that has Commenced
Annuity Payments
Excluding Draw Down Pensions
Unfunded Civil Service Pensions  Including:

  • NHS
  • Teachers
  • Fire Fighters
  • Police
  • Armed Forces