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SA Leaders – Portfolios in 2021 and beyond – what really matters?

With the March 2020 correction a semi-distant memory, markets have rallied to record territory, buoyed by unprecedented levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus.  Despite the pandemic continuing to challenge large parts of the globe, and the world a long way from returning to a pre-pandemic normality, optimism for the economic outlook has been high.

But, some cracks are starting to appear in this optimism…  Are we being too complacent regarding the inflationary risks? Can we really assume a zero-interest rate outlook? Can the debt-fuelled asset-price bubble last forever? Where do we find income? How do we protect against risks?

FinSec Partner’s Managing Director, Andrew Creaser cuts through the noise to focus on the questions that matter for portfolios in 2021 and beyond!

Published On: September 29th, 2021Categories: SA Leaders