Little known charity is changing the lives of children with Autism.
FinSec boys rally awareness through their ‘Wear Your Care’ initiative.

Advisers at Adelaide’s top financial services firm FinSec Partners, Dane Avery and Nathan Pech are going the distance (quite literally – 12km to be exact) to raise much needed awareness for Rocket, a charity close to both their hearts. Brain child of Dane Avery (partner Abbey is a Rocket therapist), Team Rocket will be out in force for this year’s city-bay fun run. “We don’t mind if you run, walk or dance your way to the finish line, Team Rocket is all about getting out there, having fun and showing that you care” Dane says. Passionate advocate Nathan Pech, father to Rocket success story Jack, aged 5 explains; “Rocket is the only organisation of it’s kind in SA. They provide ‘evidence based’ therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental delays – Ensuring the Rocket kids get the best chance they have of living a normal life and their track-record speaks for itself”.

An idea forged from experience and passion, Rocket founders had a son diagnosed with autism at 2 years of age. At the time they were living in the UK and Applied Behavioural Analysis and Verbal Behaviour (ABA/VB) therapy was not only readily available it was the norm, however returning to Adelaide in 2011 it was clear that the same quality and type of service was unavailable. The children of South Australia deserved more and Rocket was born!

A huge inspiration to the Rocket family, Jack Pech a founding client and testament to the great and very real work Rocket do, began his therapy at age 2. Within only a few months he had already developed language skills and today is now considered age appropriate in many areas.
“Rocket has given Jack the gift of opportunity, he attends kindy, plays soccer on a Saturday and next year we celebrate his greatest milestone, mainstream school” says Nathan.

It is every family’s desire for their children to fit in and live happy, healthy lives and with the support of Rocket, SA’s ASD kids now have that opportunity too.Therapy is intense, up to 40 hours a week in most cases and so funding is imperative. “People can help by purchasing a ‘Wear Your Care’ T-shirt all proceeds + an additional FinSec donation will go directly to Rocket. You can also show your support by joining Team Rocket on September 21st for this years City-bay-Fun Run”. Explains Dane.
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