The Conversation: Superannuation and Tax

The Abbott government’s tax discussion paper released earlier this month, has thrown open the doors to a broad ranging debate on tax reform. One of the central themes is of course superannuation, can we expect to see it’s earnings kept tax free when the budgetary pressures created by an ageing population are considered? (Spending on the age pension is due to rise from the current 2.9 per cent of GDP to 3.6 per cent or approx. 180 billion dollars in 2054-55, [...]

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Changes to Centrelink assessments mean less age pension!

  Concessionally assessed, deeming provisions... unless you are a trained financial expert, determining how the changes to Centrelink assessment rules will affect your individual circumstances can be confusing. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be and there are a number of ways to minimise the impact. This particular legislation however, does come with a deadline (January 1, 2015) so it is critical that you seek advice regarding your options sooner rather than later. The changes: The rules in regards to [...]

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Finding lost super

Have you lost $3,000? That's the average balance of a lost or ATO-held super account in Australia. If you've changed jobs, done casual or part-time work, moved house or changed your name, then you could be one of the many Australians who have some lost or ATO-held super waiting to be found. What is lost super? Your super account will generally be considered 'lost' if: No contributions or rollovers have been added to your super account in the last year and [...]

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The Story Part 2: Federal Budget 2014/15 – what does it mean for you?

On Wednesday we brought you 'The Story', a budget summary outlining the key proposals from Treasurer Joe Hockey’ s 2014-15 budget. Now the dust has begun to settle we bring you 'The Story Part 2' - What does it mean for you? How could the Budget proposals change the way you live, work and pay for services on a practical day-to-day level? Here’s a round-up of what the 2014-15 Federal Budget could mean for your family finances. As always, if you [...]

The Demographic Necessity of Change

It would seem our own Andrew Creaser and Joe Hockey may be preaching from the same page - that is, the demographic necessity of change to ensure a sustainable Australia. Andrew, along with many others has long questioned the quality of life Australians can expect if we don't address the fact (based on current trends), that we are facing a longevity crisis. Treasurer Joe Hockey's recent comments regarding changes that must be made to a system "designed in the 20th century, [...]

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Super is changing – what this means for you

Superannuation is changing – so if you are contributing to your super or even have a dormant super balance, now is a great time to think about your super savings. The Government Stronger Super changes are designed to make super simpler and more transparent, and to help you maximise your retirement income. What is MySuper? Referred to as a 'default' investment option - MySuper is a simple super offering that will become your new investment option if you haven't actively chosen [...]

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Is a SMSF for you?

Self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are the buzz-word of the Australian Financial landscape in 2013. Suddenly, everyone wants one or wants to work out if SMSF's are applicable to their specific situation. SMSFs hold 31.2% of all superannuation assets and are growing in number at the rate of 7%pa.  Research indicates that 1.4 million people are considering establishing their own SMSF in the next three years.  Are you also one in that million? Finsec Partners have been specialising in providing high-level strategic professional SMSF [...]

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