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With over 25 years experience in the financial services industry, Scott Noell is a key driver of the FinSec Partners business. Scott built his impressive career-foundations specifically within insurance and superannuation before applying himself to more holistic financial planning practices.

Over the last 10 years Scott has actively developed the UK Pension Transfers arm of FinSec, a business that typically works with UK migrants or returning Australian expats; providing advice around the transfer of assets and in particular their UK Pensions.

A proud father of two boys, Scott is both an avid golfer and a keen traveler. After living and working in the Barossa Valley for close to 15 years he came back to the city to further his work in the finance industry.

Why FinSec?

“As a group we believe we can make a difference to peoples’ lives and we work in a collaborative manner to deliver the best outcomes for clients.”

A word from Scott:

“Most people move from the UK for a better life. We help make that possible by ensuring their finances are structured in a manner that will allow them to take advantage of the regulations here in Australia. Our advice is about structuring peoples’ financial affairs to ensure the best possible outcomes.
I am very passionate that we are a business that delivers real value to our clients’ lives; we will do this by challenging their thinking and partnering them on their journey.”

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