Dip FP, CPA, BA (Acc),
Authorised Representative
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Before moving into private financial planning Heather spent 20 years as a public practice accountant, specialising in investments, SMSF and tax affairs. Her ability to look back at a client’s finances from an accountancy perspective gives her a unique advantage when planning for their future.

Born and raised in South Australia, Heather is a proud mother to her son, active member of the Girl Guides SA, keen photographer, gardener and travel enthusiast.

Heather works with clients in all stages of life, specialising in wealth creation, salary packaging, aged care and Centrelink strategy and is a valued member of our in-house Investment Committee.

Why FinSec?

“Our client centric ethos. Our commitment to the constant improvement of our business, processes and client experience. We work as a team united by our values.”

A word from Heather:

“Whether through education, support or advice (or a combination of all three), I believe everyone has the ability to improve their financial position – how far and by how much is in the hands of the individual.”

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