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At Finsec Partners we believe the best way to achieve what you want in every chapter of your life is through advice and clarity. To help identify which areas of your life may need these services we’ve created some of the most common big picture questions that you’re likely to ask.

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Which investment options are right for you?

Once we identify your individual financial situation we create an Investment Plan specifically tailored to suit your needs. When creating the plan we look at strategies that include investing in shares, investing in property and savings structures. Your plan will also look at other types of investment options, gearing opportunities, dollar cost averaging and cash or fixed interest terms.

Do you have surplus cash flow?

Most of the time people don’t or don’t believe they can achieve this. We aim to create surplus cash flow for you with our Income Plan. This Plan uses income efficient strategies such as income splitting, salary sacrifices, negative gearing, capital gains and capital losses, as well as help with budgeting and cash flow. And once your strategy is in place we then use the surplus cash to create more wealth for you.

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How do you eliminate your mortgage and use debt to create wealth?

A Debt Plan is used to combat and best use your debt in your favour. The plan considers your current position with debt structure and mortgage reduction strategies. To make your debt work for you your plan will look at loan types, loan to value ratio and debt serviceability all to reduce your mortgage and create you wealth.

How can you achieve your ideal retirement?

Part one of your Retirement Plan identifies how much income you need to retire and the assets you need to achieve this. It will then consider the best ways to utilise any of these applicable assets: superannuation, non-superannuation, SMSF, and Centrelink entitlements. The Plan will also provide information on re-contribution strategy, super contribution rules and transition to retirement.

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How can you best protect what’s important to you?

We view your health as your greatest asset. Inevitably there is always a risk that something could affect this and for that instance you’re much better protected if you have a Risk Plan in place. This Plan will ensure a strategy to best manage your finances in the case of an inability to earn or even death. Your Risk Plan will clearly state the best ways to mitigate any financial stress so you don’t have to.

How do you intend to protect your future income and investments?

Your Risk Plan will outline the possible risks that may affect your investments and how to best deal with them. These risks are likely to include sequencing, market, inflation, longevity, emotional and legislative risks.

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When you pass away how will you ensure your wealth goes to the people you want it to?

We create an Estate Plan that contains a strategy, which looks at power of attorney, guardianship, wills, binding nominations asset ownership and life tenancy. The Plan is strongly focused on being tax effective and ensuring your assets are protected, so that your wishes can be met.

How can you live the next chapter of your life the way you want to?

The second part of your Retirement Plan continues to look at strategies utilising Centrelink and SMSF, as well as creating a transition to retirement. The Plan also identifies the best ways to meet your ongoing financial commitments without sacrificing what’s important to you. Strategies for this can include income and capital growth guarantees, as well as budgeting and cash flow solutions.