your uk pension could be at risk


  • If you have previously worked in the UK, it is likely you hold a Government, Company or Personal Pension.
  • Radical UK reforms announced in March 2014 will prevent transfers of many of these pensions to Australia permanently.
  • These changes take effect April 2015, leaving only a few months to take action.


  • Public -sector employees with un-funded government final salary schemes will be affected by the ban.
  • This includes;
    • Medical professionals (nurses, doctors, dentists, specialists)
    • Teachers
    • Police Officers
    • Firefighters,
    • Government Employees
    • Members of the Armed Forces


If you don’t transfer your pension, the cost can be severe. The rewards of transferring include;

Less tax in retirement: If left in the UK, any income you receive from your Pension in retirement will be considered taxable income in Australia. If transferred to your Australian super fund, it may generate tax-free income.

Greater flexibility & control: Untransferred Pensions remain susceptible to exchange rate fluctuations & further UK legislative changes over time. If transferred to your Australian super fund you have the opportunity to significantly grow this money. You can make decisions on how to best invest the dollars taking into consideration both market & personal influences.

Death benefits: In the event of your death, in some instances your spouse may receive an ongoing percentage of your Pension left in the UK. In the event of their death, the payments stop altogether. If transferred to your Australian super fund, you have the opportunity to pass 100% of this money to your estate aswell as choosing who directly benefits from it.


Transferring may or may not be of benefit to you, but there is only a limited window of opportunity to get the facts and make a decision. It is strongly recommended that anyone with a UK Pension seek advice from a professional transfer specialist immediately.

Retirees and UK State Pensions are not eligible for transfers.


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