The 19 Questions to Ask your Financial Adviser

The Wall Street Journal (one of our favourite places to 'hang out' online) has compiled this list of "best duty" questions to ask your financial adviser. Although very American it is thought provoking none-the-less and in our view Australian Advisers should be just as happy to answer a similar set of questions with context - I know we are! Please note both the questions and answers are from the original Wall Street Journal Article (using the American context). THE 19 QUESTIONS [...]

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Weekly Market Update – 26th May 2017

Investment markets and key developments over the past week Share markets rose over the last week, reversing the Trump FBI/Russia Bump from the previous week as investors bought the dip supported by mostly good economic and profit news. US shares rose 1.4%, Eurozone shares rose 0.04%, Japanese shares gained 0.5%, Chinese shares rose 2.3% and Australian shares gained 0.4%. The gains in Australian shares were constrained by ongoing worries about the banks, retail shares and weakness in the iron ore price. [...]

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US Election 2016: Trump Wins. How Markets will React?

How Markets will React: A Short, Medium and Long Term View. Keeping an eye on the short term While there was a quick selloff at first signs of a conclusion to the U.S. elections, and markets seem to have recovered quickly, there still may be some near-term volatility. As with many geopolitical events that generate market swings, the first priority is to rationally evaluate your chosen investment strategy. Review your primary market indicators (we use cycle, value and sentiment), consult your [...]

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Federal Budget 2016/17 Our Verdict: The Less is More Budget

Scott Morrison's maiden budget speech was the first since Peter Costello's debut 20 years ago that did not include the word 'surplus' an unreported, but perhaps telling, fact. It is no secret that the 2016 Federal Budget made negligible progress on improving Australia's bottom line. Projecting a small surplus way out in 2020/21 it has experts concerned about the future of Australia's AAA credit rating. But, to its credit, this pre-election budget didn't make things worse. Debt accumulation seems to be [...]

Weekly Market Update – 18th September 2015

Investment markets and key developments over the past week It was another volatile week for global shares with strength into the Fed meeting, partly in anticipation of the Fed leaving interest rates on hold, and then European and US shares completely reversing their gains as the Fed provided a reminder about China and emerging market driven global growth worries. This saw US shares fall 0.2% for the week, Eurozone shares down 0.6% and Japanese shares down 1.1%. Chinese shares also fell [...]

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Weekly Market Update – 10th July 2015

Investment markets and key developments over the past week China's rollercoaster Share market has been the main drama. The Shanghai Composite Index suffered a painful -8.9% fall during the week before managing to rebound with a remarkable +5% overall gain. However, from the peak set on June 12, the Shanghai Composite has declined by nearly 25% in the past month.Is this a major crisis for the Chinese economy? China's share market needs to be placed in context. Most Chinese consumers have [...]

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SMSFs gear up for advice

Advised self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustees are more confident about achieving their desired retirement income than non-trustees, according to research commissioned by nabtrade and the SMSF Association. The research says about 53% of SMSF trustees are more likely to be receiving financial advice than non-trustees (about 30%). Illustrating the value of financial advice, about 72% of advised trustees are confident of being on track to achieve their desired retirement income as opposed to 66% of non-trustees. According to the Intimate with [...]

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Weekly Market Update – 26th June 2015

Investment markets and key developments over the past week The Greek saga continues. After getting a lot closer on a deal but then failing to quite get there, Greek PM Tsipras has now called a referendum for July 5 on the latest offer from Greece's creditors. This will probably pass with polls indicating two thirds of Greeks want to stay in the Euro, and around 56% saying that this should be the case even if it involves a bad deal with [...]

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