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Will it affect you? FoFA Roll-back 2014.

FoFA Roll-back 2014.
When the government unveiled the details of their FoFA overhaul days before Christmas, there was not a lot of media fuss. Few in the industry appeared to fully comprehend the potentially profound scope the changes would make.

Since releasing the exposure draft regulation on January 29, the noise surrounding

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’10 x Income’ is Not Enough

Rice Warner
December 3, 2013

The widely-used life insurance equation of ‘10 x annual earnings’ is not enough to secure a family’s long-term lifestyle, the latest underinsurance research from Rice Warner has revealed.

The consulting firm has released its annual ‘Underinsurance in Australia’ report, which found that in order for a family’s

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Hunting for Income

Lower cash rates and government bond yields have prompted a widespread hunt for income-producing investments.

Although rates are likely to head up when the economy shows sustained signs of improvement, the yield climate will probably remain challenging for the foreseeable future. As a consequence, demand for investments such as dividend-paying stocks

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US budget crisis over

President Barack Obama has signed into law legislation raising the Treasury Department’s borrowing authority, officially ending the government shutdown that has crippled the country since Oct 1.

His signature came hours after the US House of Representatives passed the legislation, the result of a deal that reopens the federal government with

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Is a SMSF for you?

Self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are the buzz-word of the Australian Financial landscape in 2013. Suddenly, everyone wants one or wants to work out if SMSF’s are applicable to their specific situation. SMSFs hold 31.2% of all superannuation assets and are growing in number at the rate of 7%pa.  Research indicates that

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